Marine canvas is the cornerstone of ITS.  It’s where we started with Doyle Sailmakers BVI.  
We are known throughout the region for the high quality materials we use, well engineered designs, and  top quality workmanship, offering a full range of products that include traditional dodger and biminis, welded frame tops and enclosures, drop down vinyl and mesh screens, custom chaps for dinghies, boat storage covers, bow and deck awnings, and the Cool2Sea acrylic product line.

Sewing our marine canvas with only Gore ® Tenara® thread and choosing fabrics and materials designed for the harsh Caribbean sun, salt, and  Sahara dust, our products are designed to last.

Gore Tenara thread

Our customers include private as well as crewed yachts, charter companies, and local recreational and professional yachtsmen and women.

Our goal has always been to build products that will look good and maintain their structural integrity for as long as possible. This is why our customer base is Caribbean wide.


Download our handy guide for information on cleaning all the materials we use in our marine canvas projects.

Each time you use the boat, flush the CrystalClear curtains thoroughly with clear water to rinse away any salt or environmental abrasives.  Air dry or use a high quality chamois or a microfiber towel. 


4U2CLEAN™ and 4U2POLISH™ have been tested and approved for the transparent acrylics, O’Sea™ scratch resistant vinyl, regalite® vinyl as well as marine cover fabrics that border these enclosure materials such as Steadfast2 and all CY4EZ fabrics.

One of the best ways to keep Sunbrella fabrics looking good is to hose fabrics off on a monthly basis with clear water. This helps prevent dirt from becoming deeply embedded in the fabric and eliminates the need for more frequent vigorous cleaning.