For many years our customers have asked if we would take on new upholstery projects and for many years we turned them down. During those years we repaired upholstery and saw first hand shoddy workmanship and foam, thread and fabrics designed for interior use being used for exterior projects.  We knew we could do it better.

Upholstery from Innovative Textile Solutions BVI

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Carefully planning each project with the customer we provide guidance so that materials are matched with their intended.  This paired with patterning, manufacturing and installing with attention to detail, we have quickly grown this department.  
An upholstery project is often an opportunity to look at better ways to attach cushions to the base or change the configuration to make the area more user friendly.  It takes time in planning, knowledge of materials and working closely with the customers to understand their needs to make an upholstery project more than just recovering cushions.