The sky is the limit, there are lots of things to consider and one size does not fit all. You can buy something through the Internet but these off the shelf products tend to be under built for our Caribbean environment, don’t tend to fit well and won’t last long.


Custom shade project from Innovative Textile Solutions

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We measure, manufacture and fit CUSTOM products and consider all of the following:

  • What is going to be covered?
  • Is the purpose to provide shade, protection from rain, or both?
  • What is going to used to support the structure?
  • Can that support handle the loads the awning or shade sail will generate?
  • If it’s waterproof, where is the water going to run off?
  • What happens in extreme weather?
  • What materials are best suited to the project?
  • Should the be seams heat welded or sewn? If sewn, Gore ® Tenara® thread is used which is guaranteed to hold up in the elements for the life of the fabric.
  • What are the loads put on the edges and corners? We make sure the hardware and webbing will support those loads.