As Covid-19 began sweeping across the globe ITS went into action and began developing a prototype face mask.   The first 70 were sold at a price that did not cover productions costs but went out to people, including health care professionals, who provided feedback and suggestions.  

The very next day the BVI went into lockdown and from 27 March to 24 April we were not allowed to leave our homes.   On 25 April,  Bob, Linda and Eddie met at the loft and moved tables, sewing machines, developed protocols to meet the new social distancing and cleaning requirements, and that same afternoon we were inspected and cleared to begin production.  For the next few weeks our staff worked tirelessly to make as many masks as possible as the demand was extremely high, masks now being mandatory.  
In three weeks we produced nearly 2000 pieces, most of which carried a polyethylene foam filter.  There was also a special request for surgeon’s caps and they were added to our repertoire.
For now the demand for PPE has slowed and we are back to concentrating on our shade and awning products, the marine business, and upholstery.  If we once again find ourselves with a shortage of PPE ITS will do what we can to help fulfill the community needs.  
Although not our focus, special order face masks and surgeons caps are still available.  We have several styles and a selection of fabric from which to choose.  If you don’t like any of our fabric, supply your own 100% cotton.  We also have the opportunity to custom fit the ear loops to insure that the face mask fits comfortably and securely.

100% Cotton Blocks 90% Of Coronavirus

100% cotton blocks 90% of the Coronvirus according to recent tests.   100% cotton bedsheets (120-count) were tested for their ability to filter large-sized (1 micron, similar to the size of the Ebola virus) and small-sized (0.3 micron, the size of the smallpox virus) particles and for their breathability factor - COVID-19 coronavirus particles measure 0.06-0.14 microns in size, but 5-10 microns when in droplets.